Services We Provide

Individualized psychotherapy sessions

The heart of our practice lies in providing compassionate, expert clinical care via our telehealth platform.

First, your therapist will take time to listen carefully and get to know you, your life journey so far, and, as applicable, your chronic health symptoms and challenges. Then, you will focus on identifying your most pressing concerns as well as exploring what you seek and value most. Based on the strong relationship built and insights gained through these processes, your therapist will guide and support you in your personal program of treatment. Regularly scheduled sessions with your therapist will incorporate the treatment approaches from which you will benefit most.

You will gain helpful, practical skills and techniques you can draw on each day as you face your challenges, envision new directions and possibilities, and appreciate who you are and who you’re becoming.

Counseling for caregivers and concerned others

At appropriate times during a patient’s treatment program, and as requested, our therapists will meet virtually with the patient’s parent(s) or concerned other(s). Always respecting privacy and confidentiality, these sessions may address your questions and communicate progress and challenges generally. They will typically teach SPACE techniques and provide other practical recommendations to guide you in supporting your loved one’s journey effectively.

To request a counseling session, please get in touch.

Therapist-led support groups

If you are dealing with a chronic illness, diagnosed or not yet diagnosed: Evolvinn uniquely offers you the opportunity to get together via regularly scheduled online sessions with others who are “in the same boat.” As you share your frustrations and fears, struggles and successes in a safe, caring environment, you’ll experience understanding, acceptance, and validation. You will also acquire life hacks from your peers, and ACT, CBT and DBT skills introduced by our therapist, that you can benefit from immediately and throughout your life.

We have now opened our Standing Together Against POTS support groups to those who have ME/CFS, EDS, Long COVID, and other complex chronic illnesses. You can learn more, and let us know of your interest in joining a group forming for Fall 2024, here.

Consultation with other providers

Evolvinn Therapy and Consulting welcomes opportunities to confer and coordinate with our patients’ physicians and other medical providers—with patient consent, of course. We aim to ensure that each of us is fully apprised of the patient’s diagnosis, symptoms, and possible complications and can provide the most informed, effective treatment possible.

To request a collaborative phone call, please get in touch.