Consulting Services

Through our consulting services, I can help you evolve your mental health practice to transform more lives

Why Evolvinn Consulting

You want your practice to grow, or perhaps evolve in new directions. But you’re not sure where to begin. Or you have your hands full, or prefer to focus on, serving your current clients, managing your existing practice, or developing your own professional expertise.

I can help your practice expand and evolve through my:

  • Thorough knowledge of the mental health therapy environment
  • Successful experience in helping established mental health practices attract new clients and referrals cost-effectively—while strengthening their relationships with existing clients, expanding their partnerships with other service providers, and broadening their impact within the larger community

How I’ll work with you

I am happy to provide advice and recommendations through targeted sessions addressing specific initiatives and tactics.

However, I can be most effective, and you will achieve the best results if we work together through a more comprehensive engagement. That will enable me to collaborate with you to shape your goals, develop and implement a comprehensive plan for achieving them, and seize opportunities that arise.

Below are some of the top ways I can help grow your practice. I invite you to get in touch with me to learn more.

Planning & Proceeding Strategically

How would you like to expand or evolve your practice? Who and where are your ideal clients, and how are their needs going unmet? Whom can you partner or connect with to reach them? How can you generate business through serving your community? By addressing such questions with you, I can develop and help you implement a comprehensive, realistic, affordable marketing/outreach plan, track and assess results, and adjust course accordingly.

Communicating For Results

Generating and disseminating informative content that conveys your knowledge, reflects your professionalism and commitment, and is helpful to your audiences can be a very cost-effective way to keep your practice top of mind, build your reputation, and expand your reach. I can help you identify the communication vehicles that best serve your objectives.

Forming Rewarding Connections

Are you tapping the potential of the referral network you have or could have? Finding ways to communicate and partner with others who serve your target client base? Getting out into your professional and local communities to introduce your practice and share your expertise? Based on my knowledge of your practice, its objectives, and its strengths, I can help you identify promising opportunities and pursue them on your behalf.