Psychotherapy Services

Helping you appreciate your uniqueness, achieve your goals, experience satisfying relationships, and enjoy your life!

Evolvinn Therapy and Consulting offers individualized, supportive, collaborative treatment sessions that help children, adolescents, adults and their families address the following challenges.

Chronic Health Conditions

Managing a chronic illness can easily become the full-time job that you didn’t apply for. Aside from managing all your appointments and must-do’s, and dealing with pain and/or limitations, you also feel misunderstood; others can’t seem to empathize or validate your experiences because they just don’t get it. You may still be running around to doctors trying to get an accurate diagnosis. The unique, unpredictable manifestations of diagnosed or undiagnosed chronic illness can make every aspect of your life—physical, cognitive, social, and more—a huge challenge. Having an invisible illness can be isolating and exhausting, but you don’t need to go through it alone. We are here to understand you and help you live a more fulfilling life.


Having POTS/Dysautonomia, ME/CFS, EDS, or other complex, chronic disorders of your autonomic nervous system can be frightening and debilitating. Fluctuating and unpredictable symptoms, elusive responses to treatment and management, frequent or continual exhaustion, and other manifestations and complications of your medical condition can make every aspect of your life–physical, cognitive, social, and more–a huge challenge. As you contend with your specific challenges, we can help you discover approaches and techniques for tapping your inner patience, confidence, and resilience. You will gain skills that help you deal with unhelpful thoughts and emotions, build and manage relationships, and sustain a strong sense of yourself.


Anxiety can be like a bully—telling you things that aren’t true, putting you down, and making you believe that it’s too scary to try something new or even do something that you’ve done before. Anxiety has a way of shrinking your world as it magnifies your doubts and uncertainties. It can negatively impact your confidence, strain your relationships, and keep you from moving forward as you desire. We can help you manage your anxious thoughts and guide you as you face and overcome your fears.


ADHD has a way of affecting all aspects of our lives, including our educational experiences, careers, relationships, hygiene, adulting, and more. It can be frustrating to experience attentional and executive functioning challenges as you may find yourself missing deadlines, losing your wallet, hunting through a messy room, or just lacking the motivation to close your screens and get started on your goals. You don’t have to go through this alone! We’ll guide you in mastering a wealth of tools, strategies, and skills to increase your productivity, motivation, and happiness.

Emerging Adulthood

Moving from adolescence to adulthood is complex and challenging. This transition is filled with new and welcomed experiences and freedoms—and tremendous stress! Learning to be more independent, exploring your own identity, and envisioning and embarking on your personal future isn’t easy. Never a smooth, linear process, it may introduce or exacerbate difficulties in your life. We’re available to help you and your family navigate these bumpy times. 


Depression is not just feeling sad. It can manifest in many different ways, including hopelessness, irritability, lack of energy, isolation, and loss of interest in activities that you used to enjoy. Depression can be overwhelming. It can lead to feeling “stuck,” both physically and emotionally. Often, the urges that we have when we are depressed are counter to what we should be doing to overcome depression. The good news is that there are effective treatments for depression, and we are happy to work with you to help you feel better!


Offering psychotherapy services with skilled, compassionate clinical care via telehealth

First, we’ll get to know you, your unique challenges and goals, and your story. Then we’ll craft and embark on your personal therapeutic program. As our journey together unfolds, we’ll draw on our psychotherapy training and experience in the following evidence-based treatment approaches as appropriate and helpful for you, and perhaps your family:

Offers valuable skills that you can master quickly and use for the rest of your life—especially in overcoming anxiety, depression, and related concerns. CBT will help you to understand the connection between your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and teach you skills to challenge and reframe your thoughts and face your fears in order to help you live a more fulfilling life. 

Builds on CBT to empower you to manage and overcome the ways of thinking and behaving that are keeping you from enjoying strong relationships and having a satisfying life. DBT is a skills-based approach that helps you recognize and address intense emotions, tolerate uncomfortable situations and emotions, ask for what you want or need, set boundaries with others, and be fully aware of the present without letting past memories or future worries get in the way. 

Enables you to relate to your “negative” thoughts and feelings–even habitually, intensely uncomfortable or distressing ones–as natural and nonthreatening, so you can move through them to create the life you seek. Through personalized exercises and practice sessions, ACT will help you experience self-acceptance, transcend anger and fear, engage fully with what is happening in the present moment, identify what in life is most important to you, and take purposeful, meaningful action.

Gives parents specific, proven tools for helping their child or teen face and overcome fear and anxiety. Through SPACE treatment, parents learn how to respond more supportively to their child’s anxiety while reducing accommodations to their child’s symptoms. SPACE is a parent based treatment that has shown to be effective for treating a child or adolescent’s anxiety, OCD and related conditions and for young adults who are struggling to launch.